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Establishment of Surgical Skill Learning Centre at Trinity Hospital is a part of Trinity Education &
Research Foundation efforts towards supporting the education and training of ‘Qualified Professionals’.
This Research and Training unit has been developed with the intention to provide opportunity to learn in
a "operation theatre" like atmosphere and a 'hands on m model' like specimen to work on.

Message from Dr Mohinder Kaushal, Director

Trinity Surgical Skill Learning Centre

Learning is a continuous process and has no end, especially in the field of Life Sciences where technical advancements are very fast. For doctors, there is a constant need to keep pace with the latest developments and upgrade their skills. The Trinity Surgical Skill Learning Centre is being setup with such an objective to nurture the on-going learning process.

Theoretical knowledge can take you only so far when it comes to learning new surgical techniques or how to use certain medical devices. Trinity Surgical Skill Learning Centre is dedicated to providing surgeons with the real hands-on experience they need to apply what they’re learning in our courses. The end result is transforming doubts into certainties and applying this newly acquired knowledge in daily professional settings.That is our dream and our journey continues in the quest of a making it an ultimate & amazing learning experience for everyone who passes through our center. We seek your honest & constructive feedback to help us improve and grow …..