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Medical abortion is the termination of pregnancy with use of medications alone rather than surgery. Medicines are given in combination for the termination of pregnancies & is approved up to 49 days of gestation. Under MTP Act. Medication abortion is used beyond 49 days of gestation by some clinicians and institutions


Medication and surgical (uterine dilation and evacuation) abortion are both safe and effective approaches for appropriately selected patients . The choice is based upon availability, gestational age (medication abortion is less successful in the late first trimester), and patient preference. Women should be counseled about the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Medical abortion in the first trimester was introduced in the United States in 2000. Prior to this time, surgical abortion was the only approach to first trimester termination. Surgical abortion is still performed in the majority of cases.

First trimester surgical abortion is effective in terminating pregnancy in 98 to 99 percent of procedures and has a complication rate of 0 to 3 percent. The major complications of surgical abortion are incomplete evacuation, uterine perforation, problems related to anesthesia, and endometritis. These complications may present in later reproductive period as Infertility , ectopic pregnancy with its complications. Hence repeated abortion as a method of family planning should be avoided.