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Recovering After Knee Replacement

Recovering from Knee Replacement Surgery takes time, and it’s important to prepare your home before the operation.

  • Make sure furniture spacing allows for easy movement via crutches, a cane or walker.
  • Remove rugs that you may trip on, and fasten any loose cords or wires.
  • Make sure you have a firm, high chair with a foot rest.
  • Equip your bathroom with a hand rail, raised toilet seat and shower chair.
  • Obtain helpful items such as a reacher, shoehorn and long-handled sponge, so you don’t have to bend over often.

Healthy Pregnancy

You can feel wonderful during your pregnancy if you take good care of yourself. Increase your odds of a healthy pregnancy by following these sensible steps to keep yourself in top condition:

  • Eat five or six well-balanced meals each day.
  • Take a prenatal vitamin each day as directed by your obstetrician.
  • Drink plenty of fluids — at least eight to 10 glasses a day — avoiding caffeine and artificial coloring.
  • Don’t drink alcohol.
  • Don’t smoke or allow yourself to be exposed to secondhand smoke.
  • Exercise — it’s important for your general health and also can help reduce stress. Take a pregnancy exercise class or walk at least fifteen to twenty minutes every day at a moderate pace. Walk in cool, shaded areas or indoors in order to prevent overheating.
  • Get adequate sleep — at least eight hours a night. If you’re suffering from sleep disturbances, take naps during the day and see your physician for advice.
  • Wear comfortable, non restricting shoes and put your feet up several times a day to prevent fatigue and swelling of the feet, legs, and ankles.
  • Continue to wear a safety belt while riding in motor vehicles. The shoulder portion of the restraint should be positioned over the collar bone. The lap portion should be placed under the abdomen as low as possible on the hips and across the upper thighs, never above the abdomen. Also, pregnant women should sit as far from the air bag as possible.
  • Don’t take over-the-counter medications or herbal remedies without first consulting your obstetrician.

Managing Knee Osteoarthritis

Tips for a Better Although any of our joints can be troubled by osteoarthritis, the knee is one of the most likely joints to be affected. As knee pain can impact many of the things we take for granted, such as walking or climbing stairs, it’s important to find ways to manage it. Medical guidelines recommend that the best way to manage your pain is through a combination of self-help measures.

  • Get exercising: Experts recommend exercise as the first thing to do to manage your knee pain. There are three types of exercise that can help: Strengthening, Flexibility, Aerobic.
  • Pace yourself: It’s important to recognize that you may need to learn to pace yourself more when doing your daily activities, as otherwise there is a risk that you’ll overdo things and cause more damage to your knee.
  • Lose some weight:. Research shows if you’re overweight then you’re more likely to develop osteoarthritis of the knee.
  • Managing your pain relief: Only use pain relievers as directed by physician.
  • Get your shoes on: Experts recommend shock-absorbing shoes and insoles. Choose shoes with low heels that lace up and provide support for the feet and avoid high heels and sandals.
  • Going hot and cold: Applying hot packs or patches or ice packs to the knee is recommended as an add-on to other measures.

Caesarian Section Recovery

  • Take Your Medicine: Doctors will prescribe you at least one painkiller after the surgical procedure is performed; do not forget to take it and do not wait until the medication wears off completely. You do not want the pain in your abdomen to impede your recovery, slow you down or interfere with your ability to hold and care for your newborn.
  • Do Not Lift Heavy Objects: As much as possible; do not lift anything that is heavier than the weight of your baby. Give the muscles in your stomach a time to heal for as long as six weeks. Roll on your side before getting up from a reclined position will strain your abdomen less
  • Hug Pillows: In order to lessen the pain or discomfort you may feel while coughing, laughing, yawning, or even when having a bowel movement, hug a soft pillow as this will help make the muscle motions tolerable.
  • Do not Stay in Bed: As in other surgeries; C-sections may result in blood clots. To avoid this, take a short walk once in a while. This does not just prevent your blood from clotting; it does strengthen your muscles and improves circulation. Remember not to strain yourself too much though.
  • Eat Nutritious Food and Plenty of Water: A faster recovery from caesarian section requires one to be more cautious with their diet. Make sure that the meals you take in are nutritious and drink as much water every day. Taking plenty of fluid will also help in preventing constipation; something that will add to the stress of your abdominal muscles.
  • Check Your Incision: If looking down may seem hard for you, get a mirror or ask help from your partner. It is also important to keep the area dry by placing a maxi pad over it. This will help draw the moisture away while preventing the elastic of the underwear from rubbing against the incision. Try to clean the incision too by gently wiping it with a soft cloth. Be sure to follow any incision care instructions that have been provided by your physician.
  • Take a Nap: Many studies reveal that the body recovers faster while asleep. Although it is advised to move periodically, rest is what most mothers having a C-section need.

Recovering from a caesarian section requires a lot of patience; but with your new baby as your inspiration, recovery may be made easier.

Diet for healthy post-baby weight loss

  • Don’t start dieting too soon.
  • Be realistic about weight loss.
  • Embrace exercise.
  • Lose weight slowly.
  • Eat up and take your time.
  • Be choosy about foods and drinks.
  • Daily good plan for healthy post-baby weight loss