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NZOA Conference
    • 06 AUG 15
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    Non Communicable Diseases – “Plague of 21st Century”

    Dr DK Oberoi MBBS, MD (Medicine) Times are fast changing and so is our ways of living and our society. Due to great advancement in science and technology, our lifestyle has undergone a sea change. Science has been instrumental in reducing the burden of communicable diseases which involve large population e.g. Plague, cholera, small pox,

    • 06 AUG 15
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    Keep Thyroid at Bay…

    Dr Kamla Kaushal Head Deptt. Obstetrics & Gynaecology The thyroid gland is one of the largest glands situated in the lower part of the neck. It secretes important hormones which are responsible for many functions in body mainly controlling metabolism. It also control your sleep patterns, your temperature preferences, whether you gain or lose weight,