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    • 07 OCT 17
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    BREAKFAST- An Important Diet Dosage

    Breakfast is the most important meal of our day which fuels our body and gives us an opportunity to start our daily activities in an energetic way.

    According to a research, children who eat there breakfast performs better throughout the day.

    Risk Factors: What happens when you skip your breakfast?

    •  Weight gain
    • Chances of heart attack
    • Diabetes Mellitus
    • Acidity/gastritis
    • Mood swings/disorders
    • Reduced energy levels etc.


    Nutrients required:

    • Complex carbs
    • Protein: essential amino acids
    • Calcium
    • Vitamin B12
    • Iron and essential fatty acids.

    Milk is always considered as a complete food which contains all the essential nutrients.


    What could be the healthy eating options??

    • Oats/whole wheat bread/dalia/upma/poha
    • Milk /buttermilk/curd/yoghurt/paneer
    • Cheela /daal chaat/sprouts/black chana
    • Sandwhiches- vegetable/paneer
    • Uttapam/dosa sambhar/idly sambhar
    • Stuffed paranthas
    • Fruit shakes/smoothies without sugar
    • Eggwhites
    • Dry fruits


    Complete breakfast should include: milk and its products+ 1 serving of cereal+ 1 serving of fruit + 1 serving of dry fruits

    Avoid : oily/deep fried /simple carbs in your breakfast.

    For a healthy living body, it is considered to be a healthy and complete breakfast . As exception is always there; one must consult to the dietician for the customised diet.


    By: Anupreksha Rastogi
    [M.Sc. {Food n Nutrition}, DNHE, CFN, UGC NET]

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